Trajectory - González de la Tijera Inglés

Angel González de la Tijera born in Mexico in 1958. Architect, designer, illustrator and painter. 


González de la Tijera has worked in comic books and covers for Archie, The Pink Panther, Popeye, and many more. He specializes in airbrush and digital illustration.


He worked for advertising agencies as an illustrator and graphic designer. He’s been living in Queretaro, Mexico since 1991, where he founded his own company: Prografic, where he worked in branding for companies as Avimex Laboratory, Mexicana de Aviación, Nutec and Xiadani among others.


In 2005, he took two courses with Santiago Carbonell, who dedicates entirely to pictorial art.


González de la Tijera has taught many courses on “Human figure drawing” and “Oil painting techniques” in his own studio.


Although he doesn’t consider himself a professional musician, he plays various instruments, standing out in transverse flute and tenor sax. He has great fondness for music, particularly for jazz and bossa nova. Since 2009, his main theme is related to those subjects, creating a great collection of over 50 works titled “Art syncoPation”.


He has participated in multiple individual and collective exhibitions in Queretaro, Houston and New Orleans, where he was presented by Mexico’s consulate and The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Foundation. He has been part of several art galleries like Galería Misrachi and Galería Arte XXI (CDMX, Mexico), promoted artist in Art Wanson Gallery (Marbella Spain), artist of Nollan Rankin Gallery (Houston, Tx.) and actually an artist of Texas Treasures Fine Art Gallery (Boerne,TX.).


Winner of the Bienal Internacional de Pintura de México.

González de la Tijera